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Artwork by Michelle Hunter is representational, symbolic, intimate, calm and intense.​

Featured in Scientific American, American Association for the Advancement of Science and published in Philosophical Transactions B by The Royal Society, her current Brain Series deconstructs familiar themes related to how our brains function. This series has presented opportunities for scientific learning and conceptual visual challenges.​

The majority of her work is in the medium of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Using a painterly technique, Michelle transforms everyday objects with a subtle unexpected surreal approach. Her color palette consists of mostly warm colors, punctuated with bright and dramatic tones.


Browse through Michelle’s art journey, so far, below!

Well hello! Thanks for visiting the website! Stay awhile
Mind on Picabia
Brain Playing Card Decks
Unique Identity
Cognitive Dissonance
Yet To Be Seen
Brain Rhythm
I Want
The Brain and Smoking - Part 2
The Brain and Smoking - Part 1
Optical Brain
Cauli Brain
Brain Freeze
First Aid
Zzzzzzz (Sleep)
Don't You Remember?
In Progress Pic
Caffeine Headache
Past, Present, Future or Dreaming
Hi Website Visitor!
Brain and Aids
Winter Brain
Brain for International Women's Day
Brain and TV Watching
Brain and Math
The Brain Thinker
New Year's Brain
Brain and Direction
Brain and Water
Brain and Love
Brain and Sugar
Human Brain Evolution
Brain and Autism
Brain and Men
Brain and Leadership
Brain and Reading
Hi you!
Abstract 4
Abstract 3
Abstract 2
Abstract 1
In One Ear And...
Minty Fresh
Apologize 15x39
Life on Mars 11x48
One Cold Night
Hello you!
Oops You Found Me
Self Portrait
Stuck Between Hypotheses
When I'm Bored at Work
Unique Escape
Pt2 Question Mark Series
Pt1 Question Mark Series
Apple Martini 5x7

All works on this website are copyright Michelle Hunter and may not be reproduced without express written permission from the artist herself.​

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