Brain Playing Cards

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A 54-card poker deck featuring conceptual images of the brain.  The deck comes in a clear plastic box. Also included is a custom booklet which serves as an index so you know what part of the brain appears on which cards.


The creation of this deck of cards has been a labor of love for the last several years. It is meant to provide a fun way of learning about and appreciating an organ we all have, our brain.


$20 USD each + shipping (and tracking number) + taxes


I researched each of the topics below and incorporated learnings into each of the 54 uniquely designed cards. Images are meant for general illustrative and educational purposes. Each section of numbers represent different topics, with descriptions and original images of how the brain functions:

  • Aces - Love

  • 2s - Memory

  • 3s - Smell

  • 4s - Taste

  • 5s - Touch

  • 6s - Sight

  • 7s - Hearing

  • 8s - Speech

  • 9s - Emotion

  • 10s - Decision Making

  • Js - Sleep

  • Qs - Thirst, Cravings, Cold Temperatures, Heartrate

  • Ks - Birth, Scratching an Itch, Breathing, Death

  • Jokers - Neurons



The cards and custom booklet are printed through Making Playing Cards.


Cards are printed on 330gsm (a reference to paperweight) Superior Smooth card stock considered to be one of the finest available. This card stock was chosen because it provides more visual contrast than standard stock so colors on both sides remain vivid. Cards are extra durable with a superior feel.

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